Ahoy Mateys! Pirates Are Invading The Claremont Pier: Prepare for Adventure!

Calling all buccaneers, scallywags, and landlubbers alike! The wait is over – Pirates have officially docked at The Claremont Pier! Get ready to embark on an epic 18-hole adventure golf quest unlike any other.

Prepare to Be Boarded!

Step into a world of swashbuckling fun at Pirates, The Claremont Pier’s newest indoor attraction. This thrilling 18-hole course promises an unforgettable adventure for families and friends of all ages. Navigate your way through a captivating landscape filled with iconic pirate themes. Putt your way past a magnificent pirate ship, test your skills at the fort, and explore the mysteries of a hidden cave.

Adventure Awaits: Rain or Shine!

Pirates offers the perfect escape for any occasion. Whether you’re seeking a fun-filled family outing, a friendly competition with friends, or a unique way to beat the gloomy weather, this indoor course provides endless entertainment all year round. No need to worry about the elements – Pirates ensures a swashbuckling adventure rain or shine!

Unleash Your Inner Pirate:

Sharpen your putting skills, challenge your crewmates, and discover who will be crowned the ultimate pirate champion! Pirates offers a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Capture your victories (and maybe a few funny misses) with photos throughout the course.

So Set Sail for Family Fun!

Pirates at The Claremont Pier is the perfect destination for your next adventure. Gather your crew, raise the Jolly Roger, and prepare to putt your way through an unforgettable pirate experience.

What are you waiting for? Head over to The Claremont Pier today and let the swashbuckling fun begin!