A guide to Kirkley’s parks:
A breath of fresh air for all

Kirkley, a charming suburb of Lowestoft, boasts not one, but two parks that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll amidst blooming flowers, a friendly game with friends, or a fun-filled afternoon with the kids, Kirkley’s parks offer a delightful escape right on your doorstep.

Kensington Gardens: A haven for leisure and recreation

Kensington gardens was developed in 1922 and offers panoramic views of the North Sea from the boating lake. Step inside this meticulously maintained park and discover a haven for relaxation and recreation.

A picturesque ornamental pond

The centerpiece of Kensington Gardens is its beautiful ornamental pond. Cross the bridge and admire the vibrant displays of seasonal flowers that adorn the pond’s perimeter. Watch the ducks glide gracefully across the water, adding a touch of life and serenity to the surroundings.

Challenge yourself on the Tennis Courts

Calling all tennis enthusiasts! Kensington Gardens boasts four well-maintained public tennis courts, perfect for a friendly match with friends or a solo practice session. Gather your family for a fun afternoon of rallying and laughter or hone your skills for a more competitive match.

Competitive spirit on the Bowling Greens

Looking for a different kind of challenge? Head over to the dedicated bowling greens and perfect your lawn bowling skills. This classic game offers a gentle form of exercise and friendly competition, perfect for all ages. Gather a group of friends or join the local club to experience the camaraderie and social atmosphere of this timeless sport.

Indulge in delights at the Tearooms

After a refreshing game or a leisurely stroll, treat yourself to a delightful break at the park’s tearooms. Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or coffee alongside a delectable selection of cakes, sandwiches or choose a more filling meal from the full menu. Celebratory Afternoon Tea are also available by arrangement. Soak in the charming atmosphere and admire the panoramic views while you savour your well-deserved treat.

Fen Park: Family fun and open green spaces

Nestled in the heart of Kirkley village, Fen Park is a delightful haven for families with young children.

Keep your young ones entertained

The park’s dedicated play area is a wonderland for children of all ages. ‍Slides, swings and climbing frames provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and physical exercise. Watch your children climb, slide and laugh as they create lasting memories in this safe and engaging environment.

Tranquil relaxation on the grassy open space

Beyond the play area, Fen Park offers a wide expanse of grass. Spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy a relaxing afternoon under the sun. Kick a ball with your family, have a game of frisbee or simply unwind and soak in the fresh air.

A serene pond for wildlife enthusiasts

Fen Park’s tranquil pond attracts a variety of birdlife, making it a haven for nature lovers. Keep an eye out for ducks, swans and other feathered friends flitting about the water’s edge. The gentle sounds of nature provide a calming backdrop for your park experience.

A perfect escape for all

Whether you seek a leisurely stroll, a fun-filled afternoon with the family or a friendly competition with friends, Kirkley’s parks offer something for everyone. So pack a picnic basket, grab a book, or gather your loved ones for some fresh air, fun and relaxation in these beautiful green spaces.